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Starfield Shows Off A Few Locations

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Not a lot of info has been released since Bethesda announced their first new IP in 25 years Starfield. Announced at E3 several years ago with a small teaser, it remained quiet until resurfacing this year at e3 with another teaser, now an Xbox console exclusive since the company was purchased as part of the Zenimax Aquitition earlier this year.

Slated for 2022, the game still has a lot left to be answered as the team behind it works to make their release window. While still not offering much, during Gamescom we finally got a little more substance for the game in the way of three, minute-long videos detailing locations that will appear in the game. These are places the player will be able to travel to, and explore, as you might expect from the extremely open nature of Bethesda games of the past.

The first detailed is New Atlantis…

New Atlantis serves as the capital for the U.C. or United colonies, which is the strongest military and P0litical faction within the Starfield universe. This city will also act as a melting pot, being home to many different races, creeds, and ethnicities. The narrator of the video also states that ” In a lot of ways New Atlantis is a true reflection of the future of our world.”

Next to be shown was Akila…

Akila City is the capital of the Free Star Collective, which is a “loose confederation of three distinct star systems.” This city will feature a range of people, all believing in the idea of personal freedom. The city is walled off and stepping outside those walls will pit the player against deadly alien predators, known as Ashta. These creatures are a “cross between a wolf and a velociraptor.”

Finally, we have Neon…

Neon is a pleasure city, which was originally built as a fishing platform by the Xenofresh corporation. The world itself is a pretty nondescript aquatic world so there is nothing but ocean surrounding this city. This city primarily caught fish until they caught one with psychotropic properties and I am sure you can see where this is going. They started selling this fish, which is only legal on Neon, turning the city into a popular nightlife destination.

While this doesn’t answer all our questions, the biggest being ‘how does it play’ it does offer a far better glimpse into the game than we had received up till this point. With the game set to release on November 11, 2022, this is sure to be more information coming as we get closer to release.

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