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Starfield Showcased during Xbox & Bethesda Stream

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Several years ago we got our first, brief look at the first new Bethesda IP in around 25 years. The game, which was named Starfield only briefly showcased that it was set in space, and not much else. Immediately after that trailer, the long-awaited Elder Scrolls VI was then teased which kinda overshadowed the fledgling IP. Even at the time, both were confirmed to be years ago

Well, Starfield is almost here at last, which means we got another look at the game during this E3 during the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase. Going into the conference it was assumed this would be a focal point, however, it was instead only shown off briefly to start the show.

Todd Howard opened the showcase to talk briefly about their Bethesda joining the Xbox family. He then introduced the game:

In the trailer, we yet again get to see at least some more of the space setting, this time from a craft that has landed on a moon. A person makes their way to the cockpit and begins to mess around with buttons until the ship turns on and is ready to take off.

While it teases the bigger story through narrative, not much else is revealed. In fact, a large portion of the game trailer is spent reminding the audience of who exactly Bethesda is, though they should need no introduction. At the end of the trailer, a number reads on the screen, 11-11-22. And yes this is the release date.

Rumors have abounded that the game might see a release holiday this year but it appears that is not the case. This might explain why the game was just showcased with a teaser, saving gameplay for this time next year. Hopefully, we get to see more soon.

The game is an Xbox family exclusive, releasing for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. It will be available on day one for Xbox Game Pass.

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