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Starfall Tactics
Starfall Tactics

Starfall Tactics Now in Pre-Alpha Test

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Starfall Tactics Now in Pre-Alpha Test

Starfall Tactics, a new online space game that mixes real time strategy and wargame is holding a pre-alpha test event where you can get special rewards!

Starfall Tactics, a promising online space game made by manful Siberian developers, is finally ready to invite the first batch of rts, wargame, sci-fi fans and just everybody who is fond of epic strategic space battles.

Chack out the gameplay trailer of Starfall Tactics, featuring some of the mechanics of the game:

Starfall Tactics mixes tabletop wargame mechanics with traditional RTS controls and is dedicated to ones who love controlling every gun on their ship. Can you assemble your own spaceship flotilla and lead it into battle, build a strategy pro gamers will envy, conquer a huge Galaxy or become a number one real-time wargame player? In-depth customization, plenty of tactical choices and glorious battles made with love on Unreal Engine 4 let players be the Master of their victory!

“By playing during this pre-alpha test you get a chance to participate in creation of a new world along with being one of the first gamers getting unique rts & wargame experience. It is also another great step forward for our independent studio and Starfall Tactics is looking for YOUR help in making the exciting game everybody will enjoy playing nights and days.” – Pavel G., CEO.

In this pre-Alpha version of the game players can already create and customize fleets, play quick matches and discover the MMO part of the game – a huge open world to explore with thousands of planets available to name, pirates and rivals to battle! Note that it is only a demo version made for testing purposes; full version of the game is coming in Q4 2016. Starfall Tactics will be available on Steam thanks to Steam Greenlight and everybody who supports us.

Snowforged Entertainment was founded in a small mountain cave on the outskirts of Siberia. Run by a tight crew of brown bears and one human, the studio strives to create games that combine hardcore, nostalgia-fueled gameplay with contemporary game design principles and appealing aesthetics.

For more information on Starfall Tactics, visit it’s official website.

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