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Star Wars: Squadrons Getting New Updates Starting November 25
Star Wars: Squadrons Getting New Updates Starting November 25

Star Wars: Squadrons Getting New Updates Starting November 25

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Motive Studios and Electronic Arts announced in a developer update that it will be releasing free content with the 3.0 update for Star Wars: Squadrons, the space combat game, starting November 25. 

With the developer update came its plans for the near future with Star Wars: Squadrons, including “additional fixes, balancing changes, and tuning” said the developers in its “Pilot Briefing” earlier today. Making a comeback from the single-player prologue mission is Fostar Haven, a new free map, updated and tweaked for multiplayer, being introduced alongside the Fleet Battle and Dogfight modes.

The new update will also come with four new components. First, Fighter and Bomber classes gain access to the Boost Extension Kit, giving their starfighter a full boost that goes on cooldown when activated. Next, Interceptors and Fighters will have the ability to use Ion Rockets. Similar to the Barrage Rockets already at their disposal, Ion Rockets will be essential to disabling capital ships and flagships shields quickly. These rockets can be used simultaneously with other components, as they travel slower and will need a distraction in order to effectively hit the target. Next, Prototype Piercing Torpedoes are added to the Bomber and Fighter arsenals, letting them bypass enemy shields. Though they do less damage, circumventing shields provides its own benefits. Last, the U-Wing and TIE reaper gain the Anti-Material Rocket Turret, which does ample damage to capital ships and flags ships, but cannot lock on enemy fighters. 

The update also announced, coming in December, the 4.0 update, introducing two new starfighters, the B-Wing and the Defender, along with the ability to make custom matches. 

There is a lot coming to Star Wars: Squadrons in the coming months, so fans eager to jump back in will have plenty of reasons. 

Star Wars: Squadrons is currently available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. 

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