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Star Trek Online
Star Trek Online

Star Trek Online’s Agents of Yesterday Expansion Available Now

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Star Trek Online’s Agents of Yesterday Expansion Available Now

Perfect World Entertainment Inc. and Cryptic Studios announced today that the Free-to-play Sci-fi MMORPG Star Trek Online: Agents of Yesterday is now available. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Star Trek: The Original Series, the game’s  third official expansion will send players back in time to create new Captains in that era, fly classic Starships and experience new episodes inspired by the television series that started it all. As a Captain from The Original Series, players will participate in new task force missions, interact with iconic characters voiced by original Trek actors and command era-appropriate ships, including the Enterprise, Constitution- class starship.

Check out the official launch trailer of Star Trek: Agents of Yesterday, featuring the story of the game:

“Agents of Yesterday sends players on a mission to save the future by protecting the past. The expansion allows players to create a brand-new Captain from Star Trek: The Original Series, the quintessential television show that gave way to one of the most popular science-fiction franchises of all time. Captains can explore planets taken directly from the show, while commanding one of several 23rd Century starships, including the classic Enterprise, Constitution- class starship and many other designs inspired by the classic aesthetic. All of the Star Trek timelines and universes collide when enemies threaten to destroy the past, calling for the recruitment of Star Trek Online’s bravest to become Temporal Agents and defend our very existence.

Agents of Yesterday introduces an exciting cast of characters, voiced by belovedStar Trek actors. This includes Star Trek: The Original Series’ Chekov, played by Walter Koenig and Montgomery ‘Scotty’ Scott, voiced by Chris Doohan, son of James Doohan. The expansion also features Admiral Leeta from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, reprised by Chase Masterson and Temporal Agent Daniels from Star Trek: Enterprise, played by Matt Winston. Actor Joseph Gatt will also make his Star Trek Online debut as cyborg crewman 0718 from Star Trek Into Darkness. In addition to a new cast of characters, Agents of Yesterday also introduces a new specialization tree and new task force missions.”

For more information on Star Trek Online: Agents of Yesterday, visit its official website.

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