Your Star

Your Star is Available Now on Steam

Your Star is Available Now on Steam

It was announced by Natahem, that his hand-made game Your Star is now available on Steam for Windows desktop PCs, with 15% off during the first week. In the game, you control a young boy who need to explore a strange mansion to find his sister and escape the place. But the house is haunted by Shadows and you have to fight them on your way.

Check out the official trailer of Your Star, showcasing the games’ features:

“Inside an abandoned mansion, somewhere… You are alone, you are lost, and darkness will soon consume you. But you know your sister is here too, and you definitely want to find her. OK, time to find a way through the dark corridors, fight shadows, solve riddles to unlock the doors, and eventually discover the lost secrets behind the story.

This is an adventure/exploration game, with a bit of horror atmosphere. It is entirely built from hand-made paintings on paper. It was first released in 2006 for free and received several awards at the French indie game competition Alex d’Or (2013), including Best Game and Best Original Visual. During the past few years, the remake version was developed with a lot of new features.

Different aspects of the game

  • Explore: You need to find the good keys to open the doors, find a way through the mansion and survive an alternate version, much more dark ;
  • Fight: Shadows are lurking everywhere, and more powerful enemies will also try to stop you ;
  • Solve riddles: logic or memory riddles need to be solved to progress through the game and the story, or can unlock some bonus items.

The game include dual French/English languages. The initial price is 6.99USD, with a 15% discount during the first week.

Natahem is an independent French game maker, and he works in collaboration with other artists for the music (Julien Pelloux, JE music band).”

For more information on Your Star, visit its official website.

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