Sssnakes Coming Soon on Nintendo 3DS

Sssnakes Coming Soon on Nintendo 3DS

Software Scribes and EnjoyUp Games announced that Sssnakes will be released on Thursday 2nd June 2016 on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo 3DS™ for America. It’s release price will be at $1,99 Digitally on the Nintendo eShop.

Sssnakes is a new twist on the classic snake video game. It is an upgrade for modern times without giving up its essence. Go through the jungle to the inside of the temple, avoid the traps, move through intricate mazes and face other snakes. But above all, you will need to keep away from your biggest enemy… gluttony!

Watch the trailer of Sssnakes:


  • Easy to play, hard to master.
  • Many levels with different objectives and enemies.
  • 8-bit mode.
  • The ability to shoot provides new opportunities and strategies to get out of tough situations.
  • Online scoreboard to compete for the top score.
  • Tricks and hidden secrets to get the top score or make the game easier.

About  Software Scribes

Software Scribes is a small company founded in 2010 and established in the small city of Castelldefels, near Barcelona (Spain). It does his best to develop applications and games for portable devices. It also offers development services to game industry professionals.
Founded by R. Granado after working on the web and video games industry for big names such as Gameloft, and small but happier independent developers like EnjoyUp Games. After years assuming lead programming and management tasks, decided to go alone with his own business adventure.
Our motivation is to develop the most polished software we can do. The attention to detail is capital for us.

Innovative developer in the gaming industry, EnjoyUp Games born with a team with more than 15 years of experience on the entertainment sector and the idea of revolutionize the concept of video game, a young company with strong principle of contribute with new and fun game forms.

Our philosophy is create new products that give new sensations to the player. We have
achieved this with our ambitious and original project Chronos Twins, a game never seen were the action runs on two screens at once with a new concept of time.

With these projects, EnjoyUp achieve his short-term objectives. With a look on the future on new and fascinating challenges, becoming a promising studio on the video game sector.

For more information on Sssnakes, visit it’s official website.

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