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Square Enix Presents Announced

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Another day, another E3 press conference has been set in stone. Today Square Enix has announced when their Square Enix Presents event will occur. It had been expected that the company would follow their usual formula of a press event.

We will be able to watch Square Enix take the stage on June 13th @ 12:15 PT.

Besides the date of the event, Square Enix did off some times we can expect to see.

Eidos-Montreal, the studio behind Shadow of The Tomb Raider, and Deus Ex will be there with a new reveal. There is a possibility that this is the third act of their Deus Ex franchise, the last one having ended on a Cliffhanger. However, the studio was also involved in the development of Marvel’s Avengers making them a viable option for the rumored Guardians of The Galaxy game.

Babylon’s Fall was first announced at E3 in 2018. Being developed by Platinum Games, the first trailer showcased exactly what the company is known for.  Last year the company took to Twitter to inform players the game was still being made and they hoped to show more soon. Being in development for at least 4 years, hopefully, we learn when we can start hacking and slashing our way through the game.

The last game they confirm to be shown is the latest installment of Life Is Strange. Fully named, Life Is Strange: True ColorsIt will focus on protagonist Alex as she uses her power to identify emotions based on their color to solve the murder of her brother. Unlike prior entries in the series, this game will be fully released on Sept. 10th.

Though not mentioned Square Enix flagship series Final Fantasy is usually present at these events. With Final Fantasy XVI announced for PlayStation 5 this might prove a good time to show more. There is also the question about rumored Final Fantasy Origin from Team Ninja. Suggested to be a souls syle game Team Ninjas’ work on both Final Fantasy Dissidia NT and Nioh makes them a perfect fit.

Last but not least the companies other flagship series Dragon Quest just unveiled a teaser for the next installment. It might be too early to hope that more of the game will be showcased here. That doesn’t stop the idea from being exciting.

All we can do is wait and wonder till June 13th.

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