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Spider-Man 2
Spider-Man 2

Spider-Man 2 Rumor – Coming “Sooner Than We Think”

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It’s a new day in the gaming world, and that means there’s a new rumor floating around the internet, this time saying that Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is coming “sooner than we think.”

As first reported by PushSquare, former Game Informer news editor Imran Khan spoke on the latest Kinda Funny Gamescast about Spider-Man 2, teasing a possible release date. “I know too much about [Marvel’s Spider-Man 2], so I can’t speculate too much,” Khan said. “I think a Spider-Man 2 will come sooner than we think.” He also mentions a possible “Christmas 2021” release window.

Since the first game was released in 2018, it would, indeed, be sooner than most fans think to produce a sequel a mere three years later. Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will be playable on the PlayStation 5 console, for which pre-order notification signups have gone live this week. The console has been rumored to have a planned launch that coincides with the 2020 holiday season, and recent leaks have also divulged the design for an external storage cartridge to help hold all those gigantic HD games that players will want in their libraries.

Marvel’s Spider-Man was developed by Insomniac Games, and released for the PlayStation 4 platform on September 7, 2018.  The single-player action-adventure title follows the story of its web-slinging protagonist as he confronts super-human crime lord Mister Negative. The game received overwhelmingly positive reviews and praise for its narrative, characterization, combat, and web-swinging traversal mechanics, with a number of reviewers calling it one of the best super hero games ever made. Winning several year-end accolades from a variety of sources, Marvel’s Spider-Man is now one of the best-selling PlayStation 4 games of all time, and the fastest-selling superhero game in the United States.

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