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Space Toads Mayhem
Space Toads Mayhem

Space Toads Mayhem is coming to GEEK 2017

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Space Toads Mayhem is coming to GEEK 2017

It was announced by Lukasz Snopkiewicz, the founder of LimeVibe Games, that Space Toads Mayhem (listed by Kotaku UK as one of the notable upcoming shooters of 2017) will be coming to GEEK 2017 held at Dreamland Margate (Kent, UK). This arcade-style, topdown shooter paying homage to classics from the 1980s will be part of the Indie Zone throughout the whole event – from 17th to 19th February 2017.

Check out the insomnia 59 video of Space Toads Mayhem, featuring some gameplay by players at Insomnia 59:

“For five years GEEK has been bringing people together to meet, make, and play. Taking place in Dreamland’s iconic and newly refurbished Hall By The Sea, in the Roller Room, Ballroom and the arcade area, this time around GEEK will be encouraging everyone to participate in all genres of gaming: board games, computer games, retro and next generation, card games and real world games.

Fans of retro-inspired shoot ‘em ups who may have played the first version of Space Toads Mayhem at Insomnia 59 will be treated to a succulent new demo – with new levels and mission briefings among many other awesome things.

The complete game, coming to PC and Mac in 2017, will offer a single player campaign as well two arcade modes: survival and hardcore – the latter shall prove challenging even to seasoned coin-op veterans.

“Our first public demo at Insomnia 59 was a great success – the feedback was overwhelmingly positive and it was awesome to see all the amazing gamers and devs.” says Lukasz Snopkiewicz. “We’re really looking forward to GEEK 2017 – meeting people, seeing them play the game, their joy and their reactions is absolutely epic! As we approach placing Space Toads Mayhem on Steam Greenlight, we’ll certainly continue presenting the game on events like that” he continues.

About LimeVibe Games

LimeVibe Games is a one-man gamedev studio formed by a Solihull-based (UK) developer & artist Lukasz Snopkiewicz.

Always accompanied by his epic cat Crixus, he aims to deliver high quality retro-inspired entertainment for the discerning indie games connoisseur.”

For more information on Space Toads Mayhem, visit its official website.

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