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The SoulKeeper VR is Coming Soon to Steam Early Access

The SoulKeeper VR is Coming Soon to Steam Early Access

It was announced by Helm Systems, that their new game, The SoulKeeper VR, a highly anticipated Virtual Reality Role Playing Game (VRRPG) in closed alpha stage that its Steam Early Access release is tentatively scheduled for sometime 2017. The SoulKeeper VR game, is the first episode in a line of VRRPGs around The SoulKeeper Universe. Studio Head and Executive Producer, Myron Mortakis, envisions that the games will methodically build a sprawling and immersive experience while pushing the true potential of virtual reality.

Check out the Early Access teaser trailer of SoulKeeper VR, featuring some gameplay footage:

“The initial game will set the play in the the immersive world of Gerindak, filled with lore and adventure. Allowing the player to experience the intertwining stories of various characters as the series develops. The first character players will start off with in this epic episodic adventure is Isoropos, a warrior monk, member of the ancient monastic order of the Lavordians who is sent to investigate dark rumors about an ancient enemy.

Sporting several features such as multiple movement options, different combat gameplay mechanics including melee combat, spell casting using traceable symbols with the VIVE controllers, ranged combat, as well as a highly interactive world with in-game readable lore books, collectible inventory items, rideable mounts, including dragons and much more.

About HELM Systems:

We are an interactive software & entertainment development studio, located in the sunny South Florida. Founded in 2005, we have been around long enough to be featured in mainstream online and printed press receive award nominations, build our proprietary technologies, and apply our interactive software development skills in multiple industries. Our biggest passion though, is to bring you the most innovative, qualitative interactive entertainment, while utilizing the newest and most advanced technologies!”

For more information on SoulKeeper VR, visit its official website.

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