E3 2023

Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo Will Reportedly Skip E3 2023

According to a recent IGN report and “multiple sources”, Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo will reportedly not be making an appearance in the upcoming E3 2023. Microsoft recently claimed that it will run its yearly showcase during the same period, while Sony and Nintendo have yet to comment publicly on the event. However, it is safe to speculate that Sony will not be making an appearance, as the company has not participated in the event since E3 2018. In September, The Entertainment Software Association announced that E3 2023 will run from June 13 to 16 at the Los Angeles Convention Center and will be run by RedPop.

The first two days of the event (June 13-14) will be reserved exclusively for business, where registered industry personnel and media will be able to access and play upcoming games from several developers and publishers in dedicated booths and spaces. The third day (June 15) will be for both business and regular consumers/visitors, while the last day (June 16) will be dedicated solely to consumers. Additionally, ReedPop announced that the event will be more accessible for indies and indie publishers with many titles to be featured in the Concourse Hall, alongside many presentations that will be viewed both online and in-person.

ReedPop VP of Gaming Kyle Marsden-Kish commented on the upcoming event, saying:

“E3 is one of the global gaming industry’s few opportunities to come together, unite as one loud voice, and show the world what it is creating. Our vision is to reunite the industry by re-establishing the traditional E3 week, bring back that spark, and restore E3’s role as a truly magical global showcase event for game creators and consumers.”

ReedPop’s head of games B2B Christopher Dring:

“The important thing from my perspective is what the show is doing to embrace the entire ‘E3 week’. If I could plan the perfect E3, everything would take place in one space over five days. And there would be no need to book hotel rooms over the weekend, or having to continually jump in and out of buildings. But that’s not the reality. Some games companies want to showcase in different spaces and at different times. And that’s absolutely their right.

E3 will officially partner with as many of these other events as will have it, and for free. But even those who aren’t joining officially, it will still support the games and companies within those shows.”

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