Sony No PS5 Before April 2020
Sony No PS5 Before April 2020

Sony Has No Plans To Release PS5 Within The Next 12 Months

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After the recent reveal of the certain specs of the next gen PlayStation hardware (presumably titled PS5) from lead architect Mark Cerny, many fans are hoping to see the new console within the next year.

However, Sony has put many of those speculations to rest as the console manufacturer confirmed there’s currently no plans to release their next gen console before the end the current fiscal year.

Along with the news of no PS5 coming before April 2020, Sony has also stated that they are currently investing a large portion of 31.1 billion yen for the development of the next gen PlayStation hardware. With what we know regarding the released hardware specs for the new console, it’s not too surprising to see how much money is being thrown at the PlayStation brand.

One last bit of interesting info regarding Sony’s annual fiscal conference call is that their subscription streaming service, PS Now, has an average of 40% annual growth since its initial debut – now sitting at 700k users.

While Sony may be leaving their name out of this year’s E3 event, we can still expect new press announcements and events from the Playstation brand for the duration of 2019, so keep your eyes and ears peeled for more new regarding the next generation console from Sony.

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