PlayStation CEO Confident in PS Now

Sony Dedicated to Streaming, More Confident in PS Now Service

The PlayStation streaming service, PS Now, has been one of the innovators in game streaming since it’s launch back in 2014. Since then we’ve seen tons of new games added along with features, such as the ability to download titles, growing support with other platforms like PC and expanding into multiple new regions. It’s clear Sony isn’t ready to give up on it’s streaming service anytime soon after the rocky debut, but instead looks to push the service “hard” starting later this year.

In a recent interview with Financial Times, PlayStation CEO, Jim Ryan, detailed the future of PS Now and where the PlayStation brand stands with the future of game streaming.

“We obviously have seen the trend in other forms of entertainment towards the mass adoption of streaming as a means of accessing content(…)It would seem likely, very likely, that gaming will follow that trend.” – PlayStation CEO, Jim Ryan

Ryan also commented on how the service will grow and that the industry veteran company is beginning to gain its confidence back after the PS Now service under performed throughout the opening years of the program. As the PS4 console’s only viable option in playing last generations backlog of specific PS3 titles along with continuing support with a few added PS2 ports, PlayStation is looking to push efforts forward for the foreseeable future, with Ryan stating, “We are getting more confident with the [PlayStation Now] service and we are really going to start to push it hard this year and in years to follow.”

Stay tuned for what Sony has planned for the growing streaming service in order to compete with Microsoft’s Project xCloud and Google’s ambitious Stadia streaming service.

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Source: Financial Times via ComicBook

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