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Sony Bend Hiring For Next AAA Title
Sony Bend Hiring For Next AAA Title

Sony Bend Currently Hiring For Next AAA Title

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A new job listing has been posted on Linkedin for Sony’s first party studio, Sony Bend, who appears to be working on their next title following the recent release of Days Gone. The new title will be another dip into the AAA market for the studio who – before the release of Days Gone – worked primarily on PlayStation portable devices along with the cult-favorite Syphon Filter series.

Days Gone recently released to successful sales figures despite seeing mixed reviews from critics. Sony’s fanbase wouldn’t allow some less-than stellar reviews hinder their console of choice’s first party line up as the game still managed to lead in sales charts for its debut week and one of the best selling titles this year.

The job listing states that the company is looking for a new producer to work on their next big project which will be a AAA title for the PS4. Considering how close we are to the next-gen of consoles, however, it wouldn’t be surprising if we saw a new game form Sony Bend hit the next-gen PlayStation console. Though, Sony has already confirmed that their next-gen console will be backward compatible with PS4 games, so would that really make a differences if it were to release as only a PS4 game?

Check out a quick description of the job position below:

“We are seeking a Producer who will be relied upon to collaborate with senior producers, creative leads, and studio directors to develop, maintain and execute on project planning for your teams. You are the strategic thinker for your team, get out front and lead. The ideal candidate will possess a combination of project management, communication skills and a passion for making games. Help us create our next AAA title that will set the PS4 apart from the rest!”

Regardless, it’s pretty exciting times for the PlayStation brand as their first party studios all seem to be working hard to produce exhilarating experiences – either with upcoming releases or in early development. Whether this is a sequel to Days Gone, perhaps a new Syphon Filter release or just a new IP altogether remains to be known. Stay tuned.

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