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Sons of the Forest Trailer Released
Sons of the Forest Trailer Released

Sons Of The Forest Trailer 2 Released

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Endnight Games released a new trailer for Sons of the Forest.

A second trailer for the upcoming survival horror game, Sons of the Forest, released today, showing some of the gameplay and added features in the sequel to 2014’s The Forest.

The trailer shows some of the new features being added to the game, including a phone with topographical GPS, chopping trees, building a cabin, building traps, and defending against the island the player has found themselves on after a plane crash. 

The trailer shows many different environments to explore on the island as well as other locations that are seemingly civilized. Shots were shown of the player walking through an apartment. Either this means there are locations on the island that were once civilized, or there will be flashbacks to a time earlier in the protagonist’s life when not on the island. Either way, there is plenty of room for a more in depth form of storytelling than the first game provided. 

As the trailer continues, gameplay was shown of what it will be like to build defenses against the island’s inhabitants. New enemies were shown with new interactions. Enemies will now dismantle settlements and steal resources. Gameplay was shown of creatures dragging logs away from settlements, sabotaging the player.

The trailer ends showing a humanoid dissimilar from other inhabitants of the island. Most notably, this creature is seen defending the player’s settlement from other hostile beings, with a shot of the protagonist looking through a mask that resembles the face of the friendly zombie. Seemingly, if the player wears this mask, they can appease some of the creatures inhabiting the island and fight by their side.

Seeing further developments on such a unique series is certainly exciting and we can’t wait to hear more about the sequel to the 2014 Steam hit.

Sons of the Forest is coming some time in 2021.

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