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Solaria Moon
Solaria Moon

Solaria Moon is Landing at Steam Greenlight

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Solaria Moon is Landing at Steam Greenlight

It was announced by the Spanish studio 3y3.net and the publisher Tizona Interactive, that Solaria Moon, a 3D adventure game they developed in collaboration, has finally landed at Steam Greenlight in order to gain the support of the community. This videogame will plunge the player into the mysteries and solitude of the outer space thanks to its high quality graphics and an intriguing plot.

Check out the official trailer of Solaria Moon, showcasing the games’ features:

“The story starts off with an unexpected breakdown of the Taranis’ control systems, which triggers a critical situation in the hibernation capsules. Only one crew member, Lucy Lambert, has survived the system overload. Immediately, she notes that the capsule of her teammate, Nikolai Pavlov, is empty. From that moment, Lucy will have to apply her instinct and ingenuity in order to discover what is happening on the enormous cargo spaceship Taranis and locate Pavlov.

Developed with Unity, Solaria Moon presents high-quality graphics with verydetailed scenarios in 3D, multitude of interactable elements and numerous jigsaw puzzles integrated in the storyline. Additionally, it will count on outstandingSpanish and English dubbing as well as texts and subtitles available in Spanish, English and German.

Solaria Moon will be available for PC and Mac during the Q1 of 2017.

About Tizona Interactive: Publisher specialized in marketing and communication management whose objective is to help small independent studios. Based on the win-win model, Tizona Interactive aims at positioning the product of developers in the global market, thanks to a young team, yet competitive and remarkable experts in the field of videogames.

About 3y3net: Development studio settled in Madrid. Under the management of Javier Nieto, 3y3.net counts on a wide experience in apps and mobile phone games including several title releases. Solaria Moon is its ambitious first project for PC and Mac.”

For more information on Solaria Moon, visit its Steam Greenlight page.

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