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SNES Games Might Be Heading Over to the Switch Soon

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The Nintendo Switch Online service has been compiling quite the collection of classic NES titles for subscribers to enjoy free of charge. While the services low cost more than makes up for the large collection of retro titles to enjoy all with online components, many fans are still urging Nintendo to push out other console titles, such as SNES, N64 and Gamecube.

While none of the above retro Nintendo consoles have been officially confirmed by the Big ‘N’ to make their way over to the service, it seems a recent FCC filing points towards the possibility of at least one additional console’s selection of games hitting the service.

A ResetEra user by the name of Link83 has spotted an FCC filing that looks to resemble an outline of an SNES controller. This could potentially mean that Nintendo is planning to release SNES style Joy-Cons similar to the NES style controllers they released last year upon the Switch Online Services debut. If so, that would most certainly signal that Nintendo is planning to bring over SNES games to the service and would allow users to purchase the new controllers in order to enjoy the game as close to the vintage feel as possible.

While nothing has been officially confirmed by Nintendo thus far, the veteran game company did note during an investors report that they indeed have plans to expand the Switch Online feature. Stay tuned for more on what Nintendo is planning for the online service.

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Source: Game Informer

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