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Smach Z Has Achieved its Kickstarter Funding Goal of 250,000 Euros

Smach Z Has Achieved its Kickstarter Funding Goal of 250,000 Euros

It was announced by Smach Team, that on Halloween it has been added the SMACH Z-ombie reward, a gore Limited Edition available this week only. SMACH Z-ombie has double storage of the regular model and it’s offered in two versions: SMACH Z-ombie with 128GB of storage or SMACH Z-ombie PRO with 256GB of storage.

Check out the gameplay test video of the Smach Z, featuring how the handheld runs PC games:

“With 315,000 euros raised and still 18 days to go, SMACH Z campaign is aiming for a number stretch goals that include requests from the community, such as a back camera or phone functionality. 

SMACH Team has been showcasing the prototypes of the console at Madrid Gaming Experience, a gaming event organized by IFEMA and GAME, with more than 30.000 m2 targeted to gamers of any kind. In MGE people was able to play with the case prototype and test the performance of the SMACH Z playing games like Rocket League, Doom, GTA 5 or Fallout 4 on the final AMD SoC. Spanish press has been covering the event and SMACH Z has been featuredby the Spanish national TV and other media.

You can also play games outside of Steam™. SMACH Z is a handheld PC and you can install any game or program that you want. You can also play web games, MMOs, emulators or anything else that you can do on your PC.

Technical Specifications

  • CPU: AMD Merlin Falcon RX-421BD (12-15w) SoC at 2.1 GHz 
  • Cores: 4/4 
  • iGPU: Radeon R7 at 800 MHz 
  • RAM: 4GB (SMACH Z) || 8GB (SMACH Z PRO) DDR4 2133 MHz 
  • HD: 64GB (SMACH Z) || 128GB (SMACH Z PRO) 
  • Screen: 6” FULL HD (1920×1080). Capacitive touch-screen.
  • Battery: 5 hours of gaming. 
  • MicroSD Card Slot. 
  • USB 3.0 type C. 
  • HDMI video output connection. 
  • Wi-Fi connectivity 5.0 Ghz. 4G LTE mobile network connectivity (PRO model only) 
  • Bluetooth connectivity. 
  • Front-camera 1.3-megapixels (PRO model only)

*Some specifications depend on Stretch goals, you can check Stretch goals at the end of the Kickstarter page. 

These are the technical specifications of the AMD SoC model that will be used in SMACH Z:”

For more information on the Smach Z, visit its Kickstarter page.

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