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Sly Cooper
Sly Cooper

Sly Cooper Is Coming Back – Rumor

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There have been several rumors about classic franchises returning this year. The current trend being nostalgia projects that play off of classic franchises. With the successful return of franchises like Crash Bandicoot, this is a trend that doesn’t seem like it is going away anytime soon. Of course, this leads to nearly every franchise getting rumors about their return with many most likely not poised to.

Disclaimer – This information has not been verified, therefore this is not factual.

One franchise that has had a vocal fanbase clamoring for its return is the Sly Cooper series that was created by Sucker Punch Games. Sly Cooper is a platforming series where you play as the titular character, a raccoon,  drawing inspiration from Gentlemen Thieves such as Arsène Lupin and Danny Ocean.

Shpeshal Nick, Co-Founder of Xbox Era, tweeted out that his “normal” source at Sony had confirmed a rumor that he had heard from a newer source earlier this year. Other than that the game is being made he had no other details, simply stating that “that’s all” since he was confirming this due to a large number of people asking him to confirm the rumor.

Sucker Punch Productions moved on from the franchise in 2009, developing the open-world superhero series Infamous, which is also rumored to make a return soon. Currently, Sucker Punch had developed the successful Samurai game Ghost of Tsushima. While it is unclear who will be developing a new Sly Cooper game, Sony has plenty of studios to choose from in their current lineup. The fourth game in the series was also developed by a different studio, being made by Sanzaru Games.

In another tweet responding to a question about the Legacy of Kain remaster/remake rumors he commented that Nixxes, a studio recently purchased by Sony, was working on the title and that gamers should “Make of that what you will”.

His statement implies that this project MIGHT have been abandoned in the purchase (though this could also suggest that Sony is now partially funding that project). It does set up a possible studio as a contender for bringing back Sly Cooper though. We will have to wait and see.

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