Skyforge Celebrates its First Anniversary

Skyforge Celebrates its First Anniversary

Today it was announced by the global publisher and the developer Allods Team, that their game Skyforge is celebrating its one year anniversary. On July 16, 2015, Skyforge opened its servers to all players and to celebrate, a selection of wonderful activities and gifts will be available from July 13-27 for all players.

Check out the anniversary trailer of Skyforge, showcasing the stadistics of the players actions in the game in this past year:

“One year has passed since the release of Skyforge OBT and many of you were around at the very beginning. Together, you have welcomed updates, rejoiced at changes, pioneered new territories, won contests, and supported us when faced with sudden technical difficulties. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for you interest in the game, for sticking with us, and helping make the world of Skyforge better. We will do everything to ensure that you can continue to watch the game evolve, influence changes, participate in game events, and most importantly, socialize & fight thrilling battles together!

The and Allods teams want to express their gratitude towards the player base in a new celebratory trailer which reveals some interesting facts about the past year.

The celebrations include:

  • Players receive increasingly wonderful gifts when they log into the game until the end of the celebration. The gifts range from Premium game time and a title on the first day, to formal looking armor on the fifth day.
  • Players are provided with a unique costume and glider mount upon successfully finding the notes on the Panorama website.
  • From July 13-27, we’re providing a 10% discount on various collectors packs that were previously released.

Skyforge is a free-to-play MMORPG set in a universe where mortals and immortals use cutting edge technology to fight for survival against mythical creatures and invaders from space. Players start as immortals, newly reborn into the world, and vie to become gods themselves. comprises myMail, MAPS.ME, myTarget, and online and mobile games. Its mobile communications and entertainment services and apps facilitate people in pursuing their business goals – and let them relax and have a good time gaming in-between.”

For more information on Skyforge, visit its official website.

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