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Sky Fighter Legends
Sky Fighter Legends

Sky Fighter Legends Announced for PC and Consoles

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Sky Fighter Legends Announced for PC and Consoles

It was announced today by Artplant, Sky Fighter Legends, an online shoot’em up game for PC and consoles. Sky Fighter Legends has the twin stick shoot ’em up experience players love, in a competitive 4 versus 4 arena. The players takes control over a range of different ships, each with their unique weapons, stats and abilities.

Check out the announcement trailer of Sky Fighter Legends, featuring some gameplay footage:

“I’ve always been a huge fan of shoot ’em ups”, says producer Jack Wulff.  “When making one in Artplant, we did not want to make just a tribute to those fantastic games. We wanted to infuse it with all the great innovations competitive PC games have given gaming.”

“The game captures the shoot ’em up experience with mobs to shoot down, powerups to collect, bosses to defeat, and adds a strategical layer with factories and control towers that the teams fight over.

You can team up with your friends or have the game matchmake you with players at your own skill level. By winning games you climb up the games league system. The game supports up to four player local multiplayer, allowing the players to compete against each other or take on the internet together.

“Adding PVP to the shoot ’em up genre opens up a huge bag of fun,” says designer Trond Vidar Johansen. “I play a lot MOBAs, and I’m thrilled by how making a shoot ‘em up game affects the experience. Dodging attacks becomes much more important, so you fly in formations and bullet block according to roles, taking team play to a whole new level.”

About Artplant

Artplant a Norwegian online game developer founded in 2001. If focuses on creating competitive player versus player games and made it’s name developing the Battlestar Galactica Online web game, and later the popular Block N Load on Steam. Artplant today has offices in Oslo in Norway, and Tver in Russia.”

For more information on Sky Fighter Legends, visit its official website.

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