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Sifu Vengeance Edition
Sifu Vengeance Edition

Sifu Vengeance Edition Now Available

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Developer Sloclap and publisher Microids have announced the retail versions of its beat ’em up action game Sifu for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC are now available. This version, titled Vengeance Edition, also serves as the games Deluxe Edition. This edition includes Sifu’s standard edition for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, an exclusive SteelBook, ‘The Art of Sifu’ art book, the original game score (digital), and 3 lithographs.

PC players can also purchase the retail Deluxe Edition. It includes 3 lithographs, as well as a download code that gives access to the game’s PC (Epic Games Store) version, ‘The Art of Sifu’ digital art book, and the digital soundtrack. However, the retail PC Deluxe Edition is only available at select retailers. Additionally, Sifu’s retail versions will include its previously announced first free update, including new difficulty modes (Student, Disciple, Master), a new advanced training mode, and a selection of new outfits. 

The game’s description via Sloclap can be seen below:

Featuring the gripping intensity of classic Kung Fu films with realistic and raw combat, Sifu tells the story of a young Kung Fu student who has spent their life training for a day of reckoning after the brutal murder of their entire family by a mysterious assassination squad.

Sifu’s unique gameplay sits in the crossroads of two established and popular genres, mashing the intensity and timeless thrill of beat’em up with the gripping design of 3D action games. Set against a detailed backdrop of a fictional Chinese city, you will uncover an ancient mystery via a series of difficult confrontations that will test your skills to their limit! To overcome the odds that are heavily stacked against you, you’ll need to rely on your mastery of Kung Fu and on a magical pendant that will revive you after death. The cost of magic is dear, however, and you will age significantly every time you come back to life. Time is the price you will pay for your revenge.

The game’s exquisitely hand-drawn art style pays tribute to Kung Fu film classics where themes of revenge and redemption are timeless tales, all perfectly blending with Sloclap’s martial arts gameplay expertise. Sifu offers a unique approach to martial arts and its themes, making this game a true initiatory journey.

Sifu is available now for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC via Epic Games Store.

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