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Sifu Release Date Pushed Forward

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For those that are excited to start fighting their way through the upcoming Kung-Fu game Sifu, the studio has some good news for you. In a period of time in which games are continually getting delayed, it looks like Sifu is going to be ready to lay down some beatdowns earlier than expected as the game’s release date has been pushed forward.

Best of all, this news was announced alongside a new video that would help put some of the mechanics of the game into better perspective. This includes the free-flowing combat that has been the selling point to the game, as well as the aging mechanic that acts as a punishment for defeat.

Sifu takes its cues from old-school Chinese Martial Arts Films like those of Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee, in both gameplay and presentation. Players take control of a martial arts student, either male or female, on a quest for revenge against the people who murdered their family.

The term Sifu, of Shifu, denotes a skillful person or a master, and often times is used to refer to a teacher of the martial arts. Since your character will have to learn new combat abilities, and the player will have to conquer a robust set of mechanics to fight large numbers of enemies, it would seem the game has chosen the right name.

Originally it was planned to release on February 22, 2022. However, after this announcement, the new date for release is February 8, 2022. While the difference is only two weeks, it is always a welcome surprise to find you can play a game sooner than you expected to.

Sifu is being developed by Absolver developer Sloclap, an independent studio, and will be available on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Microsoft Windows.

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