Cloud Pirates

Ship Classes Revealed in Cloud Pirates

Ship Classes Revealed in Cloud Pirates

It was announced by the developer Allods Team and global publisher, the release of a new trailer explaining the classes and roles of Cloud Pirates, and that the first closed beta phase will leave port today. In Cloud Pirates, players take command of customizable airships and navigate the clouds to take part in exciting aerial battles, choose to be in the thick of battle piloting a mighty Battleship or man the sniper’s roost in a light Galleon. Try new tactics in each battle and take the role that suits your play style best.

Check out the Classes and Tactics trailer of Cloud Pirates, showcasing the different ships and their features:

“The 12 Classes available in the Cloud Pirates are:

  • Torpedo clippers: Swift ships packing a hell of a punch.
  • Support clippers: Small, agile support ships that provide heals and buffs.
  • Engineering frigates: A not so small and not so fragile support ship, able to deploy defensive and offensive drones.
  • Sniper galleons: Dishing out damage from afar, with powerful escape abilities just in-case.
  • Reinforced galleons: Sporting an array of buffs and debuffs, it’s at home in the heart of the battle.
  • Defensive galleons: Capable of trading punches all the while buffing their allies, these ships are the backbone of any fleet.
  • Support corvettes: Ships fully dedicated to boosting and healing allies.
  • Stealth corvettes: For every captain adept at sneaking behind enemy lines and destroying defenseless ships.
  • Minelayer corvettes: Torpedo corvettes fitted with point blank area of effect abilities.
  • Assault cruisers: Dishing out damage up close and personal, with a strong hull & shield.
  • Interceptor cruisers: Vampire ships weakening its target to buff itself.
  • Battleships: The paramount of ship customization, battleships can be fitted with various type of weapons and abilities, allowing you to get creative and surprise your opponents.

Deck out your pirate airship with cutting edge weaponry in Cloud Pirates, an action MMO in which you fire your cannons to crush the enemy in fast-paced aerial battles!

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For more information on Cloud Pirates, visit its official website.

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