Shenmue III Artwork

Shenmue III Launched with New Trailer

Shenmue III, the action-adventure sequel to the single-player genre-defining Shenmue and Shenmue II, released today (November 19, 2019) for PC and PlayStation 4.

The game was developed by YS Net, Neilo, and YSNET inc., and published by Deep Silver and Shibuya Productions. In a recent video, CEO of YS Net and creator of the series, Yu Suzuki, shared his thoughts before the project’s release. “Thank you so much for your enduring support these 18 years since Shenmue II… I hope from the bottom of my heart that Shenmue III becomes special for you, truly I thank you!”

In addition, the game received a launch trailer to coincide with its release.

Shenmue III’s key features are:

  • “Epic Adventure – Immerse yourself in the stunning and magical world of Shenmue
  • Breathing, Living World – Explore inside and outside buildings, take on part-time jobs, play arcade games, and interact with local inhabitants of beautiful Chinese locales
  • Martial Arts Action – Put your training and upgraded skills to the test via intense free battles and Quick Time Events
  • Solve the Mystery – Converse with a colorful and diverse cast of characters and follow leads from those who hold the answers to the mysterious Phoenix Mirror…”

The original Shenmue launched in 1999 on the Sega Dreamcast in Japan; it was released worldwide in 2000 and later came to PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Shenmue II released in 2001, again for the Dreamcast. The series consists of open-world environments, brawler battles, and quick time events.

Deep Silver is the video game publishing company behind titles such as Saints Row, Dead Island, and the Metro series. Among its upcoming games is Dead Island 2, though, a release date has yet to be announced due to development troubles.

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