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Shenmue 1
Shenmue 1

Shenmue 1 & 2 Trailer ~ What is Shenmue? Episode 1: Story

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Shenmue 1 & 2 Trailer ~ What is Shenmue? Episode 1: Story

SEGA announced today that, to celebrate the upcoming re-release of Shenmue 1 & 2 on new platforms, they’ve worked with Corey Marshall, the English-version voice actor of Ryo Hazuki, to create a series of videos exploring the basics of the legendary saga – starting with the story!

Check out the story trailer of Shenmue 1 & 2, featuring some gameplay footage:

“Exploring first and foremost the setting and story of Shenmue I & II, in this episode Corey guides us through Ryo’s tale of investigation and revenge for his father’s murder, and the mystery of the Dragon Mirror that his father kept hidden and eventually died to protect. Ryo’s quest of retribution against Lan Di, the man in the Chinese robes who assassinated his father before his very eyes, took him from the faithfully represented town of Yokosuka to different locations across China, meeting many allies along the way.

On August 21st, new players can get immersed into Ryo’s quest to find justice on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.


  • Which version of Shenmue II did we port?
    For technical reasons we started with the Xbox source code and data. This has the advantage of some additional features missing from the Dreamcast version:

    • Snapshots system
    • Filters
    • Texture mip-maps to improve anti-aliasing

As some community members will know, the Xbox does have some graphical differences to the DC version which will also be present in our version.

  • What features have we added?
    As well as the herculean effort of porting the code to the new platforms, there is a huge number of things we have added:

    • Choice of Japanese or English speech in both games
    • Saves can be carried over from Shenmue into Shenmue II on all platforms
    • Saving anywhere in both games
    • HD resolution rendering
    • Updated UI
    • New post processing effects for both games
    • Full controller support and configurable mouse and keyboard for PC users
    • Full Achievement support for both games on all platforms
  • What does Modern control scheme mean?
    Modern control scheme means we have enabled use of the analogue stick instead of the D-Pad for movement of Ryo, as well as adding full mouse and keyboard support for PC users.
  • Will the games run at 60Hz?
    Throughout the engine, game code and scripts there are hard coded assumptions about a fixed 30Hz frame update rate, so the game needs to run at 30Hz.

Shenmue I & II is now available for pre-order digitally on SteamXbox Marketplace and PSN with a 10% discount, and from SEGA approved digital retailers*. The physical edition is available to pre-order from US and EMEA retailers.

*Please check here for an exhaustive list of digital retailers and more details as to what constitutes a SEGA approved retailer.”

For more information on Shenmue I & II, visit its official website. For more gaming news, visit our website.

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