Shadow Heroes

Shadow Heroes: Vengeance In Flames is Available Now on Steam

Shadow Heroes: Vengeance In Flames is Available Now on Steam

It was announced by indie developer Allied Games, that its Real-time Strategy PC game Shadow Heroes: Vengeance In Flames has officially launched on Steam. Shadow Heroes features massive, quickly escalating battles that deliver a streamlined pick-up-and-play experience focused on bridging the gap between competitive challenge and battlefield fun.

Check out the trailer of Shadow Heroes: Vengeance in Flames, showcasing the games’ features:

“Shadow Heroes: Vengeance In Flames is an episodic release with each of its five total chapters will be available for $2.99 on Steam. Chapter 1 includes the core game, which is required to play subsequent chapters. Gamers who purchased the Steam Early Access version of the game prior to the switch to the episodic format will receive the base game and all forthcoming chapters at no additional cost.

About Shadow Heroes: Vengeance In Flames

Shadow Heroes: Vengeance In Flames is a fast-paced tug-of-war strategy
PC game that minimizes the Real-time Strategy genre’s inherent complexity and offers an accessible, streamlined gameplay experience for gamers of all skill levels and experience. Players compete in battles comprised of hundreds of units utilizing a wide array of weapons, magic, and tactics to turn the tides of war. Every unit class has a unique role and set of skills, with players able to hire units and equip them with armory items for an additional edge in combat. Items are unlocked in the armory using components earned in battles.

About Allied Games

Allied Games is a Toronto, Canada-based videogame design company that creates fun and competitive games for PC. The company was founded October 2012 in Mississauga, Ontario, by a small group excited about creating games and helping individuals break into the industry. Allied Games is actively seeking partnerships with companies and educational facilities to help smooth the transition of individuals into the industry.”

For mroe information on Shadow Heroes: Vengeance in Flames, visit its Steam page.

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