Jump Force Seto Kaiba DLC

Seto Kaiba Heading To Jump Force Roster This May

Bandai Namco’s manga cross-over fighter, Jump Force, continues to grow its ever-impressive roster with the addition of Yu-Gi-Oh’s own Seto Kaiba. The new DLC character is set to head over this coming May, and received a revealing trailer which can be viewed below:

You can check out the official Seto Kaiba DLC trailer below:

Within the trailer you can witness the powerful play coming from the new Yu-Gi-Oh! character. Tied to his fighting style, Seto will also bring in his coveted Blue-Eyes White Dragon and demolish opponents with his trademark companion. He’ll also have access to another companion, Obelisk the Tormentor.

Seto looks to mix up the fight when he releases as a DLC character along with two other unannounced characters this coming May.

Jump Force is currently available for the PS4, Xbox One and PC with a character roster spanning over a dozen anime shows.

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