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Sega and Atlus
Sega and Atlus

Sega And Altus Teasing New RPG For Tokyo Game Show

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Sega and Atlus are all set to showcase a new RPG during day 2 of the Tokyo Game Show, which will be held on October 1st. It was already stated that Sega/Atlus would occupy the last event of that day as previous release schedules have stated that, but now we can definitely say that something new will be coming out of the said event.

The company has set up a special website to hype the unveiling with a teaser trailer. This trailer features a Japanese narrative as we witness an ink quill draw a long line, then the paper is burned away and it begins to draw a specific scene. This scene has three characters, all looking like your usual JRPG heroes, looking over a cliff. Finally, we see a series of quick cuts of more hand-drawn stills of the game. It is unclear if this is part of the art animation for the game, or simply a concept act and stills for advertising.

Once the trailer finishes the user is taken to a home page for the game. Currently, this home page only has a timer that is clearly marking the time till day 2 of the Tokyo Game Show. This is set over an animated image of those characters looking off the cliff.

While the website is labeled as Sega new RPG it seems that it isn’t referring to a new RPG in an existing franchise. Shin Megami Tensei is known for using post-apocalyptic and sci-fi settings, while other spin-offs in the series such as Devil Survivor and Persona use modern settings. The closest series to this concept would be their Etrian Odyssey series, which doesn’t seem to fit as the characters seem too fleshed out.

In a previous interview from 2019, Sega director Toshihiro Nagoshi had even stated that:

Atlus is in a phase where the company must create in a direction other than Persona and Shin Megami Tensei. Both Sega and Atlus are seriously working on new IP in anticipation of the new generation.

Sega’s selling point is its hidden colorful nature, where you don’t know what we’re going to throw at you next, or where it’s going to land. Although sometimes it’s a wild pitch (laughs). But if it goes well, then it heads right in a good direction. Right now I’m focusing on something new in order to make that happen, and I hope to be able to show it off soon.

This definitely implies that whaT\t we are going to see from Atlus will be a completely new IP. Either way, we do not have long to wait for answers. We will get an announcement during the Sega/Atlus live stream on October 1, 10PM JST which is 9AM EST.

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