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School Owner
School Owner

School Owner Released on Steam Greenlight

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School Owner Released on Steam Greenlight

It was announced by Gab, that School Owner, a construction, and management simulation game for PC, Mac, and Linux has been launched on Steam Greenlight.

Check out the Steam Greenlight trailer of School Owner, showcasing the games’ features:

“School Owner is a construction and management simulation game. It is the job of the school owner to build it from the ground up and make sure that the students, employees, parents and even the government are satisfied with his/her work.

Game Key Features:

  • You will start with a flat land and random trees that you can chop. From there, you can start designing and developing your school the way you like it.
  • Hire employees that will research, assist, teach, clean, and guard your school
  • Unlock and offer new subjects
  • Expand your lot and have the largest school!
  • Buy TV advertising, set up a school website, and do other marketing stunts that will help make your school popular
  • Day and Night and Season system are integrated into the game
  • If needed, you can take out loans
  • Keep your students happy and satisfied by tending to their needs
  • Do your “to-do list” and get rewarded

About the Developer

My name is Gab and currently, I am the only developer of the game, School Owner. However, I have a few friends with me as well as my brother who are helping me with the designing and game testing. 

I have been developing the game for 1 year and 2 months now.”

For more information on School Owner, visit its Steam Greenlight page.

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