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Scalebound Trademark Renewed by Microsoft

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Scalebound Trademark Renewed by Microsoft

Microsoft and Platinum collaboration of Scalebound was canceled several months ago, however,  Microsoft has renewed the trademark of the game, which hints at the possibility that the company may remake or entrust the development of the game to another studio.

At the moment there has been no statement from Microsoft, however, Justia’s website which has data on all trademarks, showed evidence that Microsoft did indeed renew the trademark.

If we look closely at the latest events related to the Scalebound brand, we can see that, from October (the cancellation date) until May, there was no activity logged on the website regarding the trademark, however, this May, the Scalebound brand has been active again.

At the moment Microsoft has not commented about it’s decision to renew the trademark and it is unknown if the renewal means that the project will be revived, but as E3 is approaching very soon with a showcase of new games coming for Microsoft’s platform, Scalebound would certainly be a pleasant surprise for those who are looking forward to the Xbox conference.

To remember what the game is about, check out its E3 2016 gameplay trailer:

“Rumours are already flying around on Twitter, with one user claiming to have the inside scoop, saying, “Development is resumed, led by and entrusted to an important ‘close’ MS team,” but they haven’t cited any source so don’t put too much stock in the notion of a remake from the ground up just yet.”

For more information on this rumor o Scalebound, visit this articles’ source.

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