Sand Man
Sand Man

The Sand Man Releases on Steam and Playism

The Sand Man Releases on Steam and Playism

PLAYISM announced today, that the cult hit The Strange Man series from Uri Games has just released its second game on Steam and Playism. Following the thrilling release of The Crooked Man, The Sand Man is now also available!

Check out the Promotional Video of The Sandman, featuring some gameplay footage:

The Sand Man

Keep quiet…
Don’t say anything.
You have nothing to worry about.
That’s just a monster growling…
The monster inside the closet.
Just kidding.
Alright then…
So you’re not sleepy yet, hm?
In that case, I’ll tell you a scary story.
It’s so scary you might not be able to take it.
It’s the story of the Sand Man…”

This is the second title in the Strange Man series, developed by Uri Games.
Unable to sleep and exhausted, Sophie wanders into a town where everything sleeps. That is where the terror begins…

The Steam version features special additions such as achievements and multi-language localization.
Further installments in the series, entitled The Crooked Man, The Boogie Man, and The Hanged Man are also scheduled to be released on Steam in the near future.

The Strange Man Series continues! 

The Boogie Man and The Hanged Man are all scheduled to release on Playism and Steam too. The Crooked Man is already available!


In The Sand Man, you play as Sophie Grundler, a girl suffering from Insomnia. Unable to sleep and exhausted, Sophie wanders into town to discover that everyone else has fallen asleep.

After attempting to wake those she knows, the true terror of her reality awakens and she must make the decision to save everyone.

Will she succeed with the exhaustion setting in?


  • 2D horror-adventure featuring exploration and action elements.
  • Wide range of hardcore expressions of violence.
  • Multiple Endings.
  • The second entry in a series of fantastic 2D horror games, coming soon to Playism and Steam.


Title: The Sand Man
Price: $2.99
Developer: Uri Games
Publisher: Playism
Genre: Adventure, Horror
Languages: English, Japanese
Release Date: January 30, 2018
Platforms: Playism, Steam”

For more information on The Sandman, visit its Steam page.

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