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Rune II Co-op Trailer Released a Week Before Launch

Human Head Studios is set to launch Rune II exclusively on the Epic Games Store next week on November 12, 2019, and the developer has released a co-op trailer ahead of time.

The trailer gives a preview of a group of streamers who had a sneak peek at playing Rune II together, and viewers get a glimpse at tackling some group content (slaying monsters, fighting Loki, synchronized dancing, etc.). Fans of 2001’s Rune sequel also get to observe minor bits of combat and character customization, but the full extent of these features will likely have to wait to be observed upon the game’s release.

Many facets of Rune II can be played solo, but for the more difficult challenges, Human Head Studios says players will be able to “team up with three other ferocious fighters online and wreak havoc against hordes of vicious beasts, undead slayers, and other monstrosities.”

Rune II isn’t the only RPG that looks to slay the undead, but it’s certainly one of the most anticipated among fans of its cult classic predecessor. The game is an open-world sandbox RPG where players create their characters, select their god of choice to gain powerful boons, and gain experience to upgrade their character’s skills (standard RPG element).

During their exploration of Midgard, players will come across artifacts that are necessary for defeating Loki the Trickster god, as these artifacts open the “Realm Gate where Loki hides, and can grant the power necessary to end him once and for all.”

Crafting is also featured, gamers able to create powerful weapons and armor to survive Ragnarok as they battle epic enemies in their quest to defeat Loki.

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