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Rune Factory 5 Release After March 2020
Rune Factory 5 Release After March 2020

Rune Factory 5 Will Not Arrive Within The Next 12 Months

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In a recent financial briefing from developer Marvelous Inc., the company announced that their upcoming Rune Factory sequel, Rune Factory 5, won’t see a release within the next fiscal year. While the next fiscal year after this year runs from April 2020 through March 2021, the next Rune Factory title – which is landing on the switch – has a current release window of 2020.

Marvelous expressed the reasoning behind the wait is because development hasn’t been in the works for very long and they want to have enough time to ensure the game lives up to expectations.

Marvelous Inc. is also responsible for the Story of Seasons series (previously known as Harvest Moon) and has also announced the possibility of developing a new entry into that series. However, there is a Doraemon crossover releasing this year, Doraemon Story of Seasons, but the team is likely looking to release a main line entry in the series after the Doraemon release.

Stay tuned for more on Rune factory 5 and what Marvelous is up to in the future.

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Source: Twitter via Gematsu

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