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Rumpus Coming Soon on Steam Early Access

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Rumpus Coming Soon on Steam Early Access

The recently Approved game on Steam Greenlight, Rumpus, is an action multiplayer game hosted by the ever-charismatic Mr. Rumpus that is coming to PCs everywhere! The game will soon launch its Steam Early Access copy of the game that can be purchased on Steam in July 18th.

Check out the Steam Greenlight trailer of Rumpus, showcasing the games’ features:

“Join Mr. Rumpus as a celebrity hoping to achieve eternal recognition and public immortality by becoming the world champion in Rumpus. In this fast-paced 2 to 4 player platform action game, you aim to knock other players off the screen by throwing items at each other. Charge your items, taunt your enemies, send out shockwaves, and perfect your strategy to become the champion! Are you ready to Rumpus?

Rumpus features:

  • 2-4 local multiplayer (with upcoming online support)
  • Multiple game modes and rules
  • Unique, nutty characters: meet Steve, the possessed accountant doll from hell, and Paco, the renegade rubber ducky— plus more!
  • Easy to pick up; Fun for the whole family— but hard to master!

“Our team loves old-school multiplayer games, in which you could play for hours with friends! We felt the market on PC was a bit thin for this type of game. Ever since we showed Rumpus in Gamelab Montevideo, we’ve gotten a great response. We knew we had something that captured people’s interest and we’ve worked really hard to make this our first commercial game!”— Juan Lagisquet, Polyraptor Cofounder and Lead Developer.

Polyraptor Games is an independent video game development studio based in Uruguay that creates fun, innovative video games focusing on multiplayer experiences for all ages.

You can try out the demo now. Follow Polyraptor on Facebook or Twitter to be notified when early access is released!”

For more information on Rumpus, visit its official website.

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