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RUMOR: PS4 Neo to be Announced in September 7

RUMOR: PS4 Neo to be Announced in September 7

Today a French gaming news page called posted a rumor about the upcoming PS4 Neo from Sony, saying that it will be announced in September 7th this year in New York, The translated post in Google traductor reads:

While all indications pointed to an announcement of the PS4 NEO at the Tokyo Game Show in September, our sources tell us an announcement on 7 September in New York.”

Also in the news page Vice Gaming said that they can confirm that the same information was heard by multiple other sources, the excerpt is the following:

VICE Gaming can confirm that it’s heard the same information from multiple sources familiar with the planned rollout for the new machine. These sources chose to remain anonymous because they are not authorized to speak publicly about Sony’s plans.”

The upgraded Playstation 4 is currently known with the codename “Neo.” Along with the latest VR project by Sony called “Morpheus”, we see a reference to the sci-fi movie The Matrix. It is currently unclear what the official name for the console will be until it is formally released, thought around the web it is being called the “Playstation 4.5.”

It was also informed by Vice Gaming the following:

“Just prior to E3 this year, Sony confirmed the existence of an upgraded PS4 to theFinancial Times,revealing it was “intended to sit alongside and complement the standard PS4” and that every PS4 game would continue to run on the current hardware. The company didn’t comment on the technical upgrades, though Giant Bomb reported in April it would feature an updated CPU, GPU, and more RAM.

One source, who chose to remain anonymous, described the upcoming event as a “technical showcase.” As recently as a few weeks ago, Sony was still nailing down what would actually be shown.

Another source indicated to VICE Gaming that finalized development kits would be sent to developers around the same time.”

This rumor is also being discussed in the Gamespot’s Forums saying that in the french news page it was also rumored that the Nintendo NX will be announced in September 12th, guessing that Sony may be revealing it’s console before Nintendo does, but maybe Nintendo will be revealing its console in the Toky Games Show in September 15th, being a more fitting venue for the reveal.

Sources: Gamespot’s Forum,, Vice Gaming

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