Rumor: Pokémon Switch News Could be Coming in the Next Few Weeks

Popular Pokémon-themed website, Serebii, released an image that’s been circulating the internet for a game called Pokémon Let’s Go! Pikachu, stating that it matches up with various pieces of leaked information that’s come out in the past about Pokémon Switch. Backing this up, popular leaker Emily Rogers says that players should be expecting the next Pokémon game announcement before the end of the month, that the game will still have two versions, and that its branding will “raise a few eyebrows”. If we tie together this with other leaks that have spoken of Pokémon GO integration with the upcoming Switch release, and it appears like Game Freak is gearing up for a Pokémon release that will certainly be different from past games.

Check out the leaked image of the games’ logo:

Nintendo Life stated:

One of the most hotly anticipated—and most mysterious—games on the horizon for the Switch is the next entry in the Pokémon series. Given the popular scope of the project, Nintendo and Game Freak have been quite cagey with information regarding the new release; we only know that it’ll be a mainline entry and that it’s due out before the end of the year.

Now, given the shaky nature of this rumour, and the iffy track record of the supposed sources, we’d recommend that you view this one with a healthy amount of skepticism. Still, it’s worth noting that nothing here seems to be entirely beyond the realm of possibility, and given that this is the first mainline release in the series on a home console, perhaps Game Freak is aiming for a bigger evolution of the franchise than “just” a Generation 8.

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