It appears from a credible Twitter user that Microsoft may be planning a new subscription bundle for Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass. The new bundle is said to be titled Xbox Game Pass Ultimate as the user goes on to describe the monthly plan for the two bundled subscriptions at an incredibly low cost of $14.99/month. He also goes on to state that a special low price for Xbox Insiders of $1/month will be available until the bundle’s official release.

With multiple subscriptions to choose from, it’s not surprising to see company’s begin to bundle various subscriptions together. If true, it might not be much longer before we see Sony approach the same avenue for their PS Plus and PS Now services in the future.

This move would definitely be better for the consumer, as well as boost subscription counts for all services involved. As for now, this is merely a rumored leak so take this with a grain of salt.

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Source: h0x0d