Rumor Microsoft One Next Gen Console

Rumor: Microsoft Only Releasing One Next Gen Xbox Console

Since the start of next-gen rumors began, it was made clear that Microsoft was looking to release two separate next-gen Xbox consoles – Anaconda and Lockhart. However, after Microsoft’s E3 presentation and reveal of their next gen console Project Scarlett, it seems as though the company may be heading down the single console path after all.

A recent tweet from Microsoft insider Klobrille claims that after a series of rumors surfacing, it seems as though Microsoft’s rumored plan to release two different version of the next-gen console may be “put on hold”. What this means is unclear, whether or not Microsoft is planning on releasing the “standard” Scarlett initially with a more powerful mid-gen upgrade akin to this generation’s “X” model, or they’re just scrapping the plan altogether remains uncertain.

Of course, since these were simply a string of rumors to begin with, it’s possible this was never a fully fleshed out plan but more of an idea rather. As rumors often go, take this newest one with a grain of salt. Regardless, we should begin to hear more about the next-generation of Microsoft consoles (along with Sony, as well) as we’ve already seen several reveals pertaining to next-gen already.

Project Scarlett is said to release during the holiday of 2020 along with the release of Halo Infinite.

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