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Rumor: Microsoft is Developing 4K Webcams Compatible With Xbox One

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Rumor: Microsoft is Developing 4K Webcams Compatible With Xbox One

There is a rumor that surfaced on the Internet telling that Microsoft is developing new 4K webcams for Windows 10, and at least one of them will be compatible with the Xbox One.

According to Thurrot.com, Microsoft is developing various models of these 4K webcams with integrated Windows Hello functionality, so you’ll be able to sign into your Xbox One using facial recognition, just like Kinect. This feature is a first, if Microsoft is able to offer it in a separate peripheral. Reports suggest that some of these webcams may offer 4K resolution too.

Thurrot.com said in an article on their website:

“For Windows 10 users, one new Microsoft’s webcam will provide Windows Hello-based authentication, marking the first time the firm has provided this capability on a standalone camera. To date, Microsoft has provided Windows Hello functionality via the camera systems built into its Surface PCs only.

On Xbox One, this webcam could provide a much-missed feature from the Kinect, the ill-fated peripheral that is no longer sold with that console: Users will be able to sign-in automatically simply by moving in front of the camera. This will work with multiple users, too, so that friends or family members can join an in-session game session.”

These new webcams from Microsoft might be tied in some way to the new USB-C-based webcam that it will ship alongside Surface Hub 2 later this year. This device has multiple USB-C ports so that you can mount a single camera anywhere you like, or use multiple cameras.

There is only speculation at this point, and it’s unclear right now if these cameras will be available as lone peripherals, or ship bundled in with other Microsoft hardware. We can only wait and see if there will be a great demand of Xbox-compatible webcams, or another type of Xbox-friendly uses that Microsoft might have in mind for these webcams.

For more information on this article, visit Thurrot’s website. For more gaming news, visit our website.

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