While many fans of the recent release of the successful return to the Devil May Cry series with Devil May Cry 5 have been enjoying the title thus far, a new update may be on its way that could introduce some new features. While earlier this month fans were treated to the fan-favorite Bloody Palace mode, there’s some speculation that more is on the way, and soon.

After some thorough datamining, a few fans revealed a major character heading back to the game. The data mining revealed that a specific , but important, character may be finding his way onto the newest entry. The files specifically shows off this particular character’s name, leaving many to believe that he may be heading over to DMC 5 very soon. I’ll leave the character’s name out of the text to avoid spoilers, but you can find the datamined image here. On how he will be pushed into the game is still a mystery, but if true, it will be a rather exciting addition to the game.

As for now, this is all just a rumor until Capcom officially reveals any details regarding any future updates. Recently, though, series director Hideaki Itsuno posted an image of the DMC 5 team coordinating with a new developer team seemingly hinting at something new for either the DMC 5 title, or a new title all together.

Stay tuned for any more updates that could possibly hint at what fans can expect from the DMC 5 name.

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Source: Reddit