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Bully 2
Bully 2

Rumor: Casting Calls for Bully 2 May Have Been Released

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Rumor: Casting Calls for Bully 2 May Have Been Released

News website Rockstar Intel made an article about a rumor on Bully 2 regarding a casting director that released some casting calls for a new project from an UK games developer shooting at Pinewood Studios, but didn’t disclosed much information about the title or the developer name.

These casting calls target mainly teenagers and young roles, and placeholder names are given for the characters of the game. The casting call actually provides a warning and some vague detail about the project.

The casting calls state the following:

“Mild violence and profanity will be used in scenes with the young performer. The project itself is a thriller/drama and all scenes with the young performer will be handled with sensitivity.”

Rockstar Intel said in an article on their website:

“The calls, made by casting director Jessica Jefferies, will be shot in Pinewood Studios, London – a very popular and large scale studio for very big companies. Some casting calls directly mention staff such as “College Professors”. We’ve also seen Rockstar staff come into engagement with the listings, but won’t be sharing who or how.

They are for motion capture acting roles. Bully 2 has been a long leaked and anticipated video game, even mentioned by former Rockstar Insider Yan2295 that it would be the next title from Rockstar Games after the release of Red Dead Redemption 2.”

About Rockstar Games

Rockstar Games, Inc. is an American video game publisher based in New York City. The company was established in December 1998 as a publishing subsidiary of Take-Two Interactive, and as successor to BMG Interactive, a dormant video game publisher Take-Two Interactive had previously acquired the assets of. Founding members of the company were Sam and Dan Houser, Terry Donovan and Jamie King, who worked for Take-Two Interactive at the time, and of which the Houser brothers were previously executives at BMG Interactive. Since 1999, several companies acquired by or established under Take-Two Interactive became part of Rockstar Games, such as Rockstar Canada (later renamed Rockstar Toronto) becoming the first one in 1999, and Rockstar Indiathe most recent in 2016. All companies organized under Rockstar Games bear the “Rockstar” name and logo; in that context, Rockstar Games is sometimes also referred to as Rockstar New York or Rockstar NYC.

For more information about this article, visit Rockstar Intel’s website. For more gaming news, visit our website.

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