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Royal Revolt 2
Royal Revolt 2

Royal Revolt 2 Gets a Large Update that Includes Ninjas

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Royal Revolt 2 Gets a Large Update that Includes Ninjas

It was announced by mobile gaming publisher Flaregames, that the biggest ever game update to its hit mobile reverse tower defense game, Royal Revolt 2 (iOS, Android, Windows) has been released!

Check out the ninja apocalypse video  of Royal Revolt 2, featuring the ninjas’ story in the game:

“While the game has now been live for over two and a half years, Royal Revolt 2 remains as strong as ever, with developer Keen Flare adding a slew of new game features. As revealed in its most recent trailer, an evil Villain and his ninja army have appeared from a mysterious new island world, and it’s up to players to enter this realm and battle in 30 new PvE levels, with environments ranging from creaking pirate ships to lush tropical islands.

With this new content featuring within regular in-game events lasting 3 days, players can recruit ninjas for their own army, providing they win their loyalty through successful PvE battles. In addition, a special event currency, Ninja Coins, can be earned by outscoring rival players on the game’s leaderboards, giving access to greater rewards (e.g. more ninjas!) and higher event tiers (e.g. more powerful ninjas!!).

“It’s a testament to the world-class developers at Keen Flare that Royal Revolt 2 continues to engage such a vast player base spread across the globe,”  said Gavin Lammin, Royal Revolt 2 producer at flaregames.  “With this latest update, players have a raft of new content to explore and we’re excited to have already seen very positive feedback on our social channels for the new Villain and his ninja minions!”

Royal Revolt 2 is free to download on iOS, Android and Windows PC and mobile devices, as well as being available to play via Facebook Canvas. Released globally in early 2014, the game continues to exceed 4.5 stars out of 5 as an average player rating on all platforms.”

For more information on Royal Revolt 2, visit its official website.

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