Second Rose And The Old Castle Of Twilight Trailer Revealed

Rose And The Old Castle Of Twilight LogoSecond Rose And The Old Castle Of Twilight Trailer Revealed

Nippon Ichi Software is still hard at work on its dark and dreary minimalist platformer Rose and the Old Castle of Twilight for the Playstation Vita. In order to get players up to speed and amped up for its impending release, the studio published a brand new trailer to further convey the dark tone of this mysterious adventure featuring a little girl named Rose. It is currently being touted as a Japan exclusive for the Vita without giving details concerning the possibility of a North American and/or European release. However, looking at the subject matter of the trailer sort of makes the overall ton of this game very grim.

The video begins with showing what the debut trailer already divulged in terms of the gloomy setting. It also touches again on some of the core mechanics of denying objects the force of gravity in order to create makeshift platforms to aid in environmental traversal. The other known quantity involves the golem creature the Rose befriends and employs as a helper with combat and getting around. the trailer shows the golem saving rose from triggered traps and also being able to throw up in the air to gain access to higher platforms. It is a cool little feature that may have some narrative significance, as it looks as though the two of them have a strange bond.

After those features are shown, the trailer gets even darker with showing all the perils that Rose will have to face which includes demonic fiends, Venus fly trap looking monsters, barbed nooses and large retractable spike traps. Even though this is a purely fictional gaming with cartoon-esque visuals, it is still pretty gruesome. This is amplified by the fact that Rose is a vulnerable little girl stuck in the middle of this nightmare scenario. At times, it feels like a survival horror game. The trailer ends by showing one of the ways in which Rose can die, which is by hanging. It does not show the whole act in explicit, but what you do not see can often be more gruesome than blatantly showing it. This dark game still has its initial atmosphere, but this new trailer certainly raises the stakes a little further. Rose And The Old Castle Of Twilight is still slated for release on April 26, 2016.

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