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Rose And The Old Castle Of Twilight Debut

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Rose And The Old Castle Of Twilight Logo

Rose And The Old Castle Of Twilight Debut

Nippon Ichi Software has posted a debut trailer that shows a bit of its minimalist platformer for the PS Vita called Rose and the Old Castle Of Twilight. The game play shown involves the main character Rose’s ability to remove or add essence to objects, allowing them to react or be unaffected by the world’s gravity respectively. She can also receive assistance from mysterious giant creature who can pick up and carry large objects of which Rose can manipulate. The game revolves around Rose as she attempts to escape the castle of twilight that is devoid of color and the notion of time.

The trailer wreaks of atmosphere and mystery. The uses of hand drawn sprites and mere suggestion of animation is very lovely nod to Nippon Ichi’s artistic heritage. Rose and the Old Castle of Twilight is currently going to be released only in Japan for the PS Vita. NIS is planning for it to launch on April 26. No mention of a North American or European localization has been made at this time.

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