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ROKH Playable Demo Available During PAX East

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ROKH Playable Demo Available During PAX East

Production company Darewise Entertainment and independent videogame developer Nvizzio Creations announced that their upcoming PC title,  ROKH, will be playable for the first time at PAX East which runs from April 22 – 24 at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center (Kickstarter Arcade, Level 1, room 103).

Watch the trailer of ROKH:

Attendees will have the opportunity to partake a breathtaking science-fiction multiplayer survival experience. Exploring a 155 square miles map of the planet Mars, players will be challenged to overcome the natural limitations of the Martian environment to build a pressurized habitat. While managing resources and oxygen levels, a team of two players will have to cooperate designing and constructing their base camp in a limited time.

ROKH is a futuristic survival game, deeply rooted in scientific and realistic anticipation, where players will have to work together to fight the numerous menaces they will have to face on planet Mars. It is a persistent multiplayer game where everything stems from simulation and systems interaction instead of classic script-based interaction.

Proud to be part of PAX East’s Kickstarter Arcade game selection, ROKH is also officially kicking off its own Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to debut early May with the release of the enclosed trailer.

For more information visit  RokhTheGame.com. Like ROKH’s Facebook page and follow it on Twitter  @Rokhthegame  for future news and updates.

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