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Rokh Early Access Release Moved to January 2017

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Rokh Early Access Release Moved to January 2017

It was announced today by Darewise Entertainment and Nvizzio Creations, that their first game ROKH is set to release in January 2017. The release was initially planned for September 2016, the Early Access of the game has been postponed to ensure that the game delivers on the initial vision of the experience, universe and gameplay.

Check out the gameplay trailer of Rokh, featuring some gameplay footage:

“ROKH is our first project and we do not lack of ambition. The game systems are so deep and connected that we want to take the time needed to ensure the entire experience and mechanics work as intended. It was not an easy decision but we believe it’s the best one for the game as well as the players.” said Benjamin Charbit, Darewise’s CEO. “The Early Access scope is at its final stage of development, and we are proud of the work done so far, which you’ll be able to enjoy in our very first gameplay trailer”, added Marc Albinet Rokh’s game director at Nvizzio Creations.

“Developed for the PC, ROKH is designed as a complete immersion into a cold and dry land harboring a wealth of resources that pioneering colonists can extract and exploit. Exploration of the gigantic map will offer adventurous players breathtaking vistas, setting the stage for settlers to aim for self-sufficiency and develop their own life support systems and economy. The community will be invited to register to join the Closed Alpha and provide feedback on balancing beginning December and until release. Founders will be guaranteed into the first sessions.

About Darewise Entertainment:

Darewise Entertainment, founded by veterans of the videogame industry, is an executive production company. We create outstanding entertainment concepts and partner with prominent development studios to bring our vision to life.

About Nvizzio Creations:

In early 2015, Nvizzio Creations spun off Funcom’s game development teams, a studio behind the acclaimed games “Age of Conan” and “Secret World”. The studio located in Montreal, Canada, is now working with some of the most innovative game publishers in the world, making iconic live games through creative design excellence, efficient execution and unparalleled attention to detail.

About Rokh:

ROKH is a futuristic survival game, deeply rooted in scientific and realistic anticipation, where players will have to work together to fight the numerous threats they will have to face on planet Mars. Playing on persistent servers, they will experience a true sandbox experience.”

For more information on Rokh, visit its Steam page.

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