Rockstar’s Social Club Source Code Reveals Red Dead Redemption II on PC

While rumors continue to swirl around the possibility of Red Dead Redemption II heading over to the PC, one more exciting leak has been revealed. The latest leak comes from a Twitter user who has pulled up the Social Club source code which points towards a PC release of the game.

The supposed leak from JakoMako51 shows off the source code which clearly states “RDR2_PC_Accomplishments” which more than likely means the in-game achievements. We’ve seen plenty of leaks and hints towards the game hitting the PC platform, but this one seems like one of the more certain details for a PC release.

As of now, this is only a rumor as Rockstar Games has yet to officially announce a PC version is even in the works. However, Take-Two Interactive – Rockstar’s parent company – has recently commented on the idea of their western sequel releasing on PC, stating there wouldn’t be a downside to releasing the game on PC and preparing the release for PC would be “easy”.

Stay tuned for more details on if/when we could be seeing Red Dead Redemption II on PC anytime soon.

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