Rockstar Adds New Modes, Missions, and Content to Red Dead Online

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Last week, Rockstar added tons of new content to Red Dead Online as it exited Beta. First it added two new NPC’s to get Free Roam missions from, new story missions that continue the Land of Opportunities missions, and Poker. It looks like there may be more content for the coming weeks as two new types of Free Roam missions have been added. First you get to work for the fan-favorite, Sadie Aedler as players will help her and her husband survive in New Ambarino. Next players will meet Black Belle in Lemoyne and maybe you can get some work done with her.

Along with new missions there are some new Early Access content for players on the PlayStation 4 as well. Players can get a new thrown melee weapon called the Ancient Tomahawk that will kill enemies in one hit. To go with this is the new Make it Count: Ancient Tomahawk Showdown Mode that features the new ancient weapon. They will also add a new Last Stand free-for-all gamemode. Lastly for PlayStation 4 users, they will have access to the new Perlino Andalusian Horse with new horse equipment, clothing, and some new emotes.

Players in the world will get 25% more Red Dead Online money and increased Gold during all Online missions and events. Also if players play in a posse at any point and time, they will earn 5 bonus Gold Bars.

If this latest update is any indication, Rockstar will more than likely add some more content within the coming weeks as Red Dead Online recently came out of Beta on May 14th. Future features will include a new Bounty Hunting sytem, finding new treasures, and becoming a trader.

Stay tuned for more information about Red Dead Online’s future updates.

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